Sunday, February 22, 2009

well, damn

It seems that day 46 and days 48-50 are forever lost to history. I took pictures, but hadn't had time to get them off the card or blog them our anything. Yesterday, I finally cleared the card so that I could go shoot my friends' wedding. Or I thought I did. I can't find the damn things anywhere on my computer. I guess that'll learn me about procrastination!

So here's a crappy cell phone pic I took of a wall treatment in the W Hotel in Los Angeles, where we're staying for this weekend's festivities. I guess the missing images are just lost to history. Tragic!

On a happier note, I took 1,550 pictures at David and Tyler's wedding last night, and will post some of those later today. Right now, however, I am off to find some breakfast in Westwood!

1 comment:

SuzyHomemaker said...

WOW...1,500 pictures! That is a whole lot. Too bad about your other shots.