Friday, February 13, 2009

days 41-43


I remembered at the last minute Thursday that I still needed to take a picture. I begged Steven to let me take his picture, and he finally agreed to an extreme closeup. It can be very trying, hanging out with me and my camera. Heh.

I've been cooking a lot more lately and really enjoying it. I fall back on stir fries a lot, though. But they're tasty! And fast! And colorful! And a good way to get your vegetables!

Friday night, I met up with my friend John at Alembic. (Like almost all restaurant websites, annoying animation and sound there. And PDF menus. Why are they always PDFs? Nice place, though.) I enjoyed a Jack Rose or three and John had them concoct things for him at the bar. Of the food, my favorite was this pork belly thing with scallops on top. Man, that was good.

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