Thursday, July 2, 2009

oh, hey, hi

I have been shameful about updating this blog, I know! But today our city attorney linked here from his Twitter account after I followed him, which was really cool/baffling, and I do not want to be arrested. (Because he can probably do that, right? And who has the wherewithal to deal with being arrested In These Economic Times?) So here's a picture from when we had some drinks in Monterrey back in March. Apparently I dismembered a flower arrangement, but it was for "art," as you can see.

I actually have been taking pictures, although not regularly, for the past several months. But at some point my boyfriend and I decided to move in together, which turned out to involve moving, and then work got insane to the point where it makes me cry a little bit (but I still have a job, In These Economic Times, so I try to weep quietly), and also I decided to learn to garden, and also read Infinite Jest, so you can see how the photo blog got away from me.

But I'll try to do better, because I am pretty sure they don't let you have Photoshop in jail.