Monday, February 23, 2009


swing, originally uploaded by Shannon K.

Fooling around with capturing motion, although too lazy to set up a tripod. Well, my tripod was across town, but who am I kidding? I would not have set it up. We had a long day traveling yesterday, which is sad when you consider we were only flying from L.A. to San Francisco. An impromptu photo session with this cute little plastic cat on a swing was all I had in me.

And just like that, I am only one day behind on my blog. And technically, today is not over. In fact, it just started. I'm going to call that caught up, I think!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


married!, originally uploaded by Shannon K.

I met David and Tyler through the lovely Mo Pie, oh, a few years ago, and now they are my friends, too. They all co-host the fabulous Shindig each year and are two of the kindest, funnest, most generous folks you could ever meet.

They officially tied the knot back in October, but had their wedding celebration this past weekend in L.A. and asked throw Prop 8 the hell out.

well, damn

It seems that day 46 and days 48-50 are forever lost to history. I took pictures, but hadn't had time to get them off the card or blog them our anything. Yesterday, I finally cleared the card so that I could go shoot my friends' wedding. Or I thought I did. I can't find the damn things anywhere on my computer. I guess that'll learn me about procrastination!

So here's a crappy cell phone pic I took of a wall treatment in the W Hotel in Los Angeles, where we're staying for this weekend's festivities. I guess the missing images are just lost to history. Tragic!

On a happier note, I took 1,550 pictures at David and Tyler's wedding last night, and will post some of those later today. Right now, however, I am off to find some breakfast in Westwood!

Monday, February 16, 2009

empty pockets

empty pockets, originally uploaded by Shannon K.

There were two full racks of shorts at the Macy's men's store today that had both sets of pockets turned completely inside out. I can only imagine that the display is intended as a sly comment on today's economic situation. Because the alternative is that guys are going to start wearing their shorts like this. And I'm not sure I can go on living in a world that would allow such a thing to happen.

(BTW, I am a bit out of order. The picture for day 46 is still on my memory card, and I'll post it soon. I'm sure you're incredibly relieved to have that straightened out.)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

obligatory valentine photo

obligatory valentine photo, originally uploaded by Shannon K.

The nice folks at Chez Papa gave out red roses with the checks last night. Dinner was amazing, especially the open-faced mushroom ravioli. I guess last night was the first time I've ever done the "traditional" Valentine's Day dinner out. It was kind of weird to be surrounded entirely by couples (and in San Francisco, weird that only a few of them were same-sex couples) -- not a four- or six-top in sight.

And, oh! Rob reminded me that cookie lady from my last entry was Edith Meyer, who apparently was moonlighting from her job of making absolutely gorgeous wedding cakes. All 12 of you who read this blog should go order one immediately. (I bet she won't check to see if you're really getting married or not!)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

multimedia schuyler

On Friday night, Robert Rummel-Hudson (an Internet Friend whom I have actually met in person!) did an author appearance for Schuyler's Monster at Book Passage in Corte Madera. Schuyler and Julie were back home in Texas, but joined us through the magic of Skype and charmed the crowd from inside the computer machine. Rob did an excellent job, and there were amazing cookies by a woman who also had a fabulous purse made out of old slides whose name is escaping me right now (Mo? Rob? Ian? Halsted? Help!).

I have lots of other pictures from the event, but now must go get dressed for Valentine's dinner at Chez Papa. Probably I will not be dragging my camera with me, as it's pouring down rain outside, and something about lugging my humongous camera bag around seems less than elegant. I need to design a beaded evening camera bag that can fit my DSLR. And several lenses. And my flash. I'm going to make the inside bigger than the outside, using, I don't know physics or something. And sequins. It's going to be awesome.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Friday, February 13, 2009

days 41-43


I remembered at the last minute Thursday that I still needed to take a picture. I begged Steven to let me take his picture, and he finally agreed to an extreme closeup. It can be very trying, hanging out with me and my camera. Heh.

I've been cooking a lot more lately and really enjoying it. I fall back on stir fries a lot, though. But they're tasty! And fast! And colorful! And a good way to get your vegetables!

Friday night, I met up with my friend John at Alembic. (Like almost all restaurant websites, annoying animation and sound there. And PDF menus. Why are they always PDFs? Nice place, though.) I enjoyed a Jack Rose or three and John had them concoct things for him at the bar. Of the food, my favorite was this pork belly thing with scallops on top. Man, that was good.

Monday, February 9, 2009

big moon

I forgot my keys today, which I did not discover until after I made it back to my neighborhood and had gone grocery shopping (including for ice cream bars, sigh). But as I was calling my roommate to see when he'd be home from work, I glanced to my left and saw this ginormous moon. I was so focused on getting into my house and cleaning the kitchen/doing laundry/cooking dinner, that I probably would not have taken time to notice this if I hadn't been forced to, so, yay?

I'm not sure this really captures how big it was. I might need a bigger lens. Heh.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

red light

One last cell phone pic. Stopped at the Kilowatt on the way home from Steven's to meet Jen Wade and Shawn for drinks. I am reading "Friday Night Lights" and tried to read while waiting for them to show up, but this red lamp was not strong enough.

dharma initiative mac and cheese

Have been camped out at Steven's most of the weekend and am still without a new camera battery, so another cell phone pic. Last night, I had dinner at Mo and Ian's and got to see, in person, the Dharma Initiative mac and cheese box Ian received at his Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance. Sadly, the photo does not capture its true magnificence.

For the record, there was lots of cheese, but no macaroni at last night's supper.

Friday, February 6, 2009

barack obama is your new bicycle

Was heading up to Steven's after work, and saw this bicycle locked up at the corner of 18th and 3rd. I excitedly got out my camera, only to find that the battery was dead and remember that my other battery was back home in the charger, plugged into the wall.* Hence, the cell phone pick.** I think it came out kind of cool, though.

* Wasn't that a great story? You were on the edge of your seat, weren't you?
**It's rare that I intentionally take a picture with my cell phone. I joke that someday I will mount an exhibit called "Pictures I have accidentally taken with my phone." Secretly, I think it would be a sensation.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

steven's hand

steven's hand, originally uploaded by Shannon K.

Somebody was feeling a little Sean Penn tonight, I guess. (Um, I mean, without the punching and being really pretentious and stuff.)

I did not mean to go out tonight, but I'm glad I did. Got to chat with some coworkers and meet some new people and have a little wine. All in all, a win!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

days 32-35

The past few days have been a little crazy, but in a good way. So I've taken pictures, but haven't had a ton of time to upload and update. So, here's what I've been up to, in reverse order:

laundry roomThe lights have been out in the little alley leading back to my place, which is inconvenient for getting my mail, but very convenient for taking blurry pictures of the light leaking out from the laundry room door.

Does this say something in binary code? Somebody please tell me!

Not terribly exciting, but I thought the sky was nice the other night.

I did a lot of laundry on Sunday and did not remember I needed to take a picture until just before I left to pick Steven up from the airport. Just pretend this is terribly deep!