Thursday, January 1, 2009

open and shut

open and shut, originally uploaded by Shannon K.

Starting off 2009 with brunch at Just for You in Potrero Hill.

Outtakes from January can be seen here.


CuteAimeeH said...

What a great picture! You've really captured what it feels like on Jan 1st after the NYE festivities.

The light is really bright, the subject (not to objectify you, Steven) has got that blurry hangover look and has got the silent but oh so clear message of: "WTF, why you takin' my picture when my head is pounding like this?! And can you please turn off the sun?!"

Shannon said...

Hee. Thanks, Aimee. The sad part is, we were not hungover in the slightest. Possibly you are seeing the resignation of someone who must constantly put up with having his picture taken.