Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I think I am coming down with the plague

Was out to dinner tonight, and it was delightful, as Mo Pie would say. But as the meal wore on, I could feel myself starting to fade and get weird chills. There were plans to go out after, and I really wanted to, but was also kind of relieved when everyone else was tired and I could come home and make some tea. (However, I still had the presence of mind to move the kettle to the least-disgusting burner before I took a picture of it.)

I really hope I'm not sick. But if I am, the next few days are going to be nothing but pictures of my cat. Maybe with some shots of juice and soup thrown in for variety.* You have been warned.

*Speaking of which, both boyfriend and housemate are out of town. Can someone send juice and soup?

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